Monday, November 16, 2009

Disaster Knives??

I was reading Blade (not the half vampire) magazine, it is a magazine about knives and knife makers. Hey, I know what you thinking “Are you kidding me? A knife magazine? “. You are most likely not surprised that I was reading such a magazine but, the fact that there is one. Anyway there was an article on “Disaster Knives” suggested that not only that you have a “Disaster Knife” but that you should also have an assortment of cutlery, different knives for different needs. Now what they are calling a disaster knife is nothing more a chisel tipped dive knife. The article also states that the rescue community has also embraced this type of knife for the reason that it is quite a useful tool, I will explain.
The knife is full tang (one sold piece of metal) in it construction with a serrated back edge and as I said has a chisel tip about an inch in width. The bottom of the handle has a striking point on its pommel, allowing you to hit it with something without destroying the handle. What is it good for? You may ask. You can split small timber for firewood and because of most of them are made out of tool steal they can be used as a pry bar. On the one that I have is about 5 ½ inches so it is a descent size blade but by no means a Bowie.
The reason I bring that up fact that it is a dive knife is that “Disaster Knives” seem to cost a little more. Funny how if the word disaster is put on something’s title and the cost goes up. Example , if you were to look up a first aid kit for your home it would cost one thing but if you were to find a “Disaster First Aid Kit” with the same things in it more than likely it will cost more. I will be bringing said Disaster Knife with me on my trip to Virginia to give it a try.

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