Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sunday the 182 day of Vinember Irekq Master of the Deadly Art of Vinjitzu with Cultural Chairman in tow graced the Philadelphia Convention Center with his presence. He had aloud some of the greatest artists and writers of our time to put on a show for him and the Chairman.

Tom Savini ( I do not use this word lightly) Master of F/X make-up was given the privilege of meeting Master Irekq and his Cultural Chairman. He was honored the the Chairman took time to see him, but the fact that he was able to kiss the hand of Master Irekq was the culmination of his life's dreams.

As every great leader had an inspiration for his life's work so did Master Irekq. A writer who in Master Irekq's fact ( He does not have opinions his words are facts ) the greatest writer of all time. His works have served as a base guide line for Master Irekq's manifesto and have helped him to save the lives of many of the worlds profane. This man is Maxx Brooks.( Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z ) Maxx was so pleased to see Master Irekq that he begged to have a picture taken with him. The gracious man that he is Master Irekq granted this request and signed it for him. The Chairman was moved by the happiness that this had brought Maxx, both Maxx and the Chairman had tears of joy in their eyes.

There were many other talented authors and infiltrators and toy makers all clambering to have there works seen by Master Irekq and his Chairman that a deli counter type ticket machine had to be employed. Have no fear all were seen and few of the works were not up to the Chairman and by default Irekq Master of the Deadly Art of Vinjitzu's standards. Those few were burned on sight never to disgrace the earth again, the creators of said works were beaten for the time that they had wasted in making suck trash.

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