Monday, November 2, 2009

Parental Block

As is my charge to protect and serve humanity from heathens and scoundrels the world over, I have uncovered another design of subjugation. This time it is an attack on our youth more precisely teenage girls. The name of this intrigue is "Twilight ".

This " Twilight " is nothing more than an another attempt to physically weaken the body of the youth. Girls first and subsequently the young males. The plan is that of convincing them that a "Vegetarian " can be cool and have super powers. " Vegetarians "are the only people capable of romance. Thus part of the plan that affects young males.

What would a young male not do to be with a girl? So, no meat no fish there you go weak and stupid teenagers. This time PETA is just being brazen in their pursuit of world domination. Irekq Master of the Deadly Art of the Vinjitzu will abolish this scheme. I will not allow them to rule. This I promise. VIVA LA BEEF!!!!!!!!

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