Friday, July 3, 2009

When you gotta go you gotta go

I in this section will go a little more in depth and detail as to what I have in my B.O.P. (Bug Out Pack). You may need to do things a little different. I will start with the most important part the backpack. Osprey Atmos 65. 4,000 cubic inches of volume (65 liter) the pack is good to carry 40 lbs, or 5 days. The Atmos pack is my pack of choice for two reasons; completely vented back and padded shoulder straps. It breaths well, I sweat like an animal.

A rain cover for the pack in a must have, keeps everything dry. Of course the hydration pack is 2 liters. if you want to look for yourself. Key part of your pack is placement of the equipment. You know you need a knife, I have two 10" fixed blade Buck strapped to the left shoulder strap upside down, second is a 4" Kershaw folder half serrated I keep in my pocket. My 36" axe in the stow and go straps on the side of the pack right side. Shovel strapped to the outside of the pack I have a Backcountry 3 trenching shovel, take a look you will like it. In one of the two hip side pouches I have my range finder and compass.

Sigsaur Mosquito 22 long left thigh butt out to be easily grabbed by both left and right hand. The Mossberg 500 Tactical in stainless is on a combat sling in front (weather proof, easy cleaning). Flash light waterproof crank powered, in the other side hip pouch along with flint striker and windproof lighter. Rope is in the pack as well as a camping hammock. Sleeping bag is where it goes on the bottom of the pack. Water filter pump, poncho, dried foods, extra socks, and I may have forgotten I also have a spool of 50 lb test fish line. When you do decide to sleep, up a tree in the camping hammock tied between two trees, 15’ or more in the air.

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