Friday, July 10, 2009

So Far So Good

Now I do not really think that "THE ZOMBIE ARE COMING!!!". No, really they are so be prepared. Anyway if you are in the market for a hydration/backpack for light hiking I have recently procured a Cloud Walker Camelback brand pack that I think will be to my liking. Shall I tell you more? Ok stop begging... I will.

There are three divisions to the pack. The first is an isolated compartment for water that comes with a 2 liter bag. That feature made me very happy simply because you do not have to disturb the rest of you pack to refill the water. The large compartment is just an open pit. The third demarcation has a small Velcro pouch and 3 pen or pencil type holders. A fragment of this part is open and about 3" deep and wide. The larger part is a deep pocket and is wide open.

Two mesh bottle-type open side subdivisions on the outside, 2 side compression straps and a set of 2 loops on the outside back make it like most packs. The shoulder straps are very padded and thick. They are a mesh and seam to keep you pretty cool. The cross the chest strap is half elastic, nice for now. It is really comfortable but what happens to elastic after a lot of use. Hmm? The whole pack is 1340 cubic inches or 22 liters which is a little under 6 pounds.

I love the separations and all the little pockets, I will let you know how is feels after this weeks hike.

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