Friday, July 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

If you can you should build a home using this as a guideline. Like all homes we should start out with the foundation. Your normal foundation is going to be 16" wide X 36' deep. Yours is going to be 48" deep slab. The first story of your new fortress is going to be a solid pour of concrete 18" thick. You are going to want this to be 15 to 20 feet high. There is only door 8' X 8' X 3" steel hinged on the inside opening out. Simple locking mechanism a cross bar three of them. Side note your vehicle is to be parked on the inside of that door chain hooked to door and frame of car with tension on it (helps keeps the door from being pulled open). Retractable ladder from first to second floor only one. The second floor exterior walls are concrete filled block. You may use standard wooden construction on the inside of the home. I would keep it simple, but it is your home. Make it comfortable you may be there a while. Use this sight to order your windows and you door if you want roof will be your garden green house ( it should go without saying that the also will be made from the same material as the windows. On this roof you will also have a rain catcher the same system that you would find in Bermuda complete with cistern in the 1st floor. Solar panels for independent power for the location. You definitely do not want to be in New Jersey. The most densely populated state in the union. That makes for a lot of corpses. If you stay you are taking a big chance! I would recommend mid-west or further north. Remember Zombies do not have the sense to come in out of the cold so they will freeze making for easy dispatch. I like to lay them down and play golf. 4!!!!!!!You could always just get a sail boat. You eventually run out of gas. Do not forget the fishing pole.

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