Friday, July 3, 2009

A few things you may need to know

I realize that I did not cover any of the disciplines in which you will have to be expertly skilled to weather the impending storm. What shall we cover first? Sustenance (hunting,trapping,fishing,farming), Craftsmanship(carpentry,plumbing,electric,sewing,ect.),Medical(self-explanatory), most important Security. I realize that this is a whole lot for one person to learn. That is why you should ally yourself with people that can specialize in one or two of these talents. Example a carpenter that dabbles in plumbing or a hunter that can fish are skills that usually go hand and hand. As a group you should all have a basic understanding of what the others job entails so that you can take care of yourself or replace them should the become infected. If they are too inept to remove there own splinter cut them loose, you do not need them.I will start with the plumbing system. Drinking water, hygiene,and irrigation are what we will be dealing with. The rain water enters the building from the roof top by one main pipe where it splits of into three smaller pipes each with a shut off valve. One to the cistern the other has a leads to the garden. When it is raining open the valve and the handle to the hand pump ( yes I said hand pump something this important you do not want left up to mechanical failure) so the water will flow through to the garden. On any other day you will have to use the pump to irrigate. Simply close the valve that goes to the roof and begin pumping. If the roof valve is not closed water will expel out the roof. Everyone pumps there own drinking water with the aforementioned pumps from my Basics list. You will be on the honor system so that there is enough water to go around. I will discuss "Laws and Punishment of The Honor System" at another time.Now lets talk about hot water. After all who likes a cold shower? Remember I said three smaller pipes. The third pipe is done in black pvc and circles the roof three or 4 times. Side by side so the surface area is bigger causeing the water to be heated by the sun faster. The showers will be on the floor below the garden and timed to conserve water. Kind of like a camp ground bath house. You can have individual shower rooms for the modest, or a military style a big room. This part is a little gross. As if the walking dead is not bad enough people still have to use the bathroom. So what do you do with the waste? Here me out. According to a report published by the International Water Management Institution (IWMI), “Even in areas where other water sources exist, small farmers often prefer wastewater because its high nutrient content reduces or even eliminates the need for expensive chemical fertilizers.” Wastewater sludge contains the same nutrients as commercial fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Here is the link Do your research. As for the urine

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