Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drive By

I turned forward, and a few seconds later, I turned back again. Now he's standing behind a big bush, partially concealed, watching us.

I mention the fact to Adam, and he turns and looks, and is immediately on edge. "Why would they be looking at us?!"

"I know... let's just keep walking." I said. PETA has resorted to street thugs.

Well, we walked for another 1/4 mile north, turned west, walked for a block, and were walking south again. I had just began to think it was nothing, when here comes a white Olds toward us. They must had driven south, turned west, and turned north.

We kept walking, but I made eye contact again as they drove by. I was walking as confidently as I could- hoping to project the idea that they should just keep driving. I'm 5'10" and 170lbs of Irekq Master of the Deadly Art of Vinjitzu I was hoping that was enough...

They drove past, and all four of them stared hard at us. Gulp.

"Adam, did you see those guys staring?" I asked, sounding confident.

"YES! What is the deal?!" He said. He wasn't scared, but bewildered.

After two or three seconds, I turned, a regretful sigh and here we go again crossed my mind.

The Olds was stopped right in the middle of their lane, about 50 yards behind us, and the passenger was leaning out his window STARING at us. I mean... his whole upper half was leaning out of that car window. I made sure he wasn't holding a gun or anything (not that it matters), and turned to Adam:

"Dude, they are stopped, check it out."

Adam turned, and quickly turned back again, saying "You must be bad luck! I've NEVER had anything like that happen here, and I jog on this trail all the time! Let's hurry and get the heck home!"

We kept walking, and I turned back 5 seconds later, same thing. 5 more seconds later, and the car had drive another 50 yards to a stop sign, and was stopped with its right blinker on- except the passenger was still staring back at us.

The second the car broke the corner and disappeared, we broke into a jog, crossed the street, and took a different path home.

WHEW....I am a body language expert. These guys obviously didn't want to be noticed- nobody with bad intentions ever does. So Adam never has an issue, because no bad-guys (wolves) deem him to be a threat- they can tell that he's harmless (a sheep).

But you set off their own radars, because you noticed them. This is why armed citizens almost encourage attacks in some ways- because the bad guys pick up on their defiant waves, and they almost see it as a challenge." The cell phone trick. If someone is sneaking up behind you, you don't want to turn around and confront them, because then they'll be pushed to act. The same thing applies here! You can look at them to see what they are doing, but you have to look at them in a way that won't trip their radar.

So I pull my phone out of my pocket pretending to make a call (an attack is less likely you if you are on a phone talking to someone.) The car sped up and kept going and no blood was shed

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