Friday, July 3, 2009


1- A couple diffrent knives, you get what you pay for. Knives are tools not a weapons and will be useless on zombies.I have 4 a Kershaw "Needs Work" , KA-BAR Becker Tac Tool,  Blast from Latherman, and a 8" Buck fixed blade
2- Leather jacket, a biker one. Bight resistant like the one from Terminator. 
3- Boots, something that comes up to your mid calf. Same reason.
4- Leather work gloves.
5- Silenced 22 caliber pistol, small enough that anyone can fire it and you can carry a lot of ammo. This is for zombies, remember in the head. The silencer is to prevent drawing attention to your location.
6- 12 gauge shot gun, semi-auto or pump. Sure a double barrel has style but 2 shots then reload. This is for the uninfected so they do not steal your stuff.
7- Good may lay weapon no reloading. I recommend Eastwing 36". It is a solid one piece of steal. Has an edge for cutting and a hammer like backside. This is to cause simple blunt force trama. A hard hit is a har hit.
8- Flash light with red colored lens, prevents glare. The optimal choice is one that has a crank instead of batteries.
11- Bouillon cube and dried foods : Enough for 5 days
12- Katadyn Hiker Pro Micro filter one filter are good for 200 gallons depending on the dirtiness of the water at a rate of 1 quart per minute. You also want to treat the water with something. Aquamira water purification tablets is my recommendation. You can always boil the water.( A pot and eating utensils should not have to be mentioned.)
13- 9"x12" 9 mils thick and a 4'x8'  3 mils plastic clothes : Light weight and can be made into a shelter.
14- Short wave and fm radio crank powered
15- Hikers pack with hydration pouch
16- Hat, keep the weather out of your face, your own personal style. Have fun with it. I have ball cap and cowboy.
17- Sun glasses, same reason as a hat.
18- Ultimate Survival Tech. Base  Camp Kit :  Signal mirror, fire starter, camping saw, rescue whistle, wet-fire tinder
19- Compass
20- Range finder, not electronic.
21- 550 cord 200 ft (Paracord 550 lb test)

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